Hi. I'm Darren.

Welcome to simple.


That's how I run this area of my life.

No BS complexity, Hacks, Diets, Or Steroids, No Supplements, Hormones, intense regimens or sitting in ice baths suffering!


Over 24 years, of helping thousands of people take care of this, the simple way has revealed 4 simple 'laws' I use to help busy men build a healthy confident body that lasts.

This is me, age 42.

Not living like a monk, enjoying life

with a confident body of health.

"The entire industry has people stuck inside intense regimes short-term diets, counting calories and relying on willpower...and when they ultimately burn out, it blames them! Instead of the strategy!


Motorcycle accident...

Broken leg, shattered write, torn shoulder, over 30 other impact injuries...

I'm nothing special.

People often assume I have some genetic advantage or lucky genes'. No.

Let me tell you about the time I had to rebuild my entire body of health WORSE than from where you might be now... unable to even exercise much over an 18-month rehab.

BUT I GOT IT ALL BACK the simple way.

Here's what I did...

Starting worse...

then from 'scratch'